Green beans

My son and his bean plant

My son grew a bean plant at school, and we added the bean plant to our garden. Overtime, the bean plant grew and made more beans. And we harvested the beans and added them in our lunch.

My son’s bean plant

My son got these beans to plant from school

Bean Plant

Green beans

My son brought home a green bean from school, I put in the garden and it’s growing fast.

Green bean plant

Green bean

Green beans

Fried rice with green beans

My daughter is looking forward to cooking this herself very soon. Easy fried rice with green beans and corn. My son loves egg fried rice with green beans. A stir fry dish is one of my favorite methods of cooking for weeknights.

Egg fried rice with green beans, corns and sausages.

Enjoy delicious! I loved being able to eat green beans straight out of the garden. I have an intense love of green beans.