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Zipper’s diary

Zipper’s Diary


This is a story about a dog named Zipper…ME! Not the girl, her name is Angel, my friend.

I had to go though wild adventures, eye-watering deaths, silly animals and epic dangers!

Anyway…let’s just start the story…

Once upon a time…

There’s a planet called CJ7789120… but the planet had been destroyed by an evil witch called Brooke Trixe.  But the pets living there escaped to a planet called Earth, it had water, air, food and light… just what they needed. My mom, Squirrell and dad, Chocolate flee to the planet with a UFO. I wasn’t born yet. But Brooke’s cat, Shadow bit the main part of the UFO… the UFO begin to shake and fell into the planet, Earth.  My mom and dad escaped out of the UFO before it crashed. We roughly landed on a road…we were finally on Earth and then I was born. My parents were all dirty and hurt but still alive. My black shiny eyes quickly opened… everything was clear but a little bit blury… I saw other UFOs going in different places. One of the UFO landed beside our UFO. A unicorn named Marshmallow holding a baby pegasus came out, and a bunny named Bubblegum holding a baby hamster came out too. “Are you four all right?” Squirrell asked.

To be contuned…