The Poem Factory of Craziness

The Poem Factory of Craziness

By Angel Mg

Welcome to the factory of poems where craziness and happiness happens here.

Join me with my stuffed animals in my adventures of evil and good.

Who knows if insanity lurks here.

Just stop by to my poem factory.

Slapping with cookies and eating boats …

It’s truly an amazing experience!

Bats and Pigs team up together to fight the evil squids.

Digging Dogs, Pegusus Ponies, Hungry Hamsters, Poofy Puppies, Friendly Froggies, Green Globs.

All types of friends to play with.

In the Poem Factory …

where dreams and wishes come true.

In the Poem Factory …

where monsters and nightmares come true.


Page - 1

I’m crazy

I Jump around party,

So I will make people laugh.

If it is boring. I think I would die!

I have my dog in my hands,

Who’s colored like brownies.

He is named “Zipper”!

He gives me ideas for jokes.

Which I will be planning on to do!


Everyday, I would hop around,

And find something interesting to do!

If you see any zombies and skeletons,

I will hit them hard with zipper!


Elena think I’m weird.

But I think this whole school is weird!


Page - 2


A Normal But Silly Day

This is my work, I think it’s quite right. Don’t worry, this white sheet won’t bite.

Zipper is an awesome brown dog,

who wanted to do a little bog jog.

He hopped over a puddle of tar,

while eating cupcakes from a big jar.

Suddenly, he tripped over a big log.

He hurt his leg, and rode on a frog.


Sparkly, the pony got a rat,

she wanted to help, so she gave it to the fat cat.

An annoying small bunny

wanted to be funny.

The cat became scared, and instead he sat on the rat.

Sparkly was not amused, but she pat the cat.

Hammy, the hamster wanted to be cool.

She used a tool to make a pool.

Squirrdl, the dog got a cake.

She took the cake to Hammy’s lake.

Hammy saw and began to drool.

She ate the dessert, and thought she was cool.

Winne, the dog used her brain.

She walked to her main garden, which was plain.

She planted some flowers,

but here came the showers.

She thought the rain

was a pain.

Froggy is sillent but is a nut.

He lived in a hut, which was shut.

There was a monster with sharp claws,

and a very large jaw.

Froggy was scared, but got the guts.

He came outside, learning that the monster only wanted a haircut.

CI3 was and alien slime,

that has a body colored lime that shine in the sun.

There was an old woman, who was blind.

Even though she did not see, she looked kind.

She got her stick, and drew a line.

She said “If you touch me, it’s a crime!”



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