ေက်ာင္းက စတိတ္စင္မွာ Angel ကုိယ္တုိင္ေရး ျပဇာတ္ ဇာတ္လမ္းကုိ Angel အရုပ္ေတြနဲ႕အတူ ျပဇာတ္ဇာတ္လမ္း ဖန္တီးထားတာ။ မိဘေတြက လာၾကည့္ရတဲ႕ ပြဲ။ 

အိန္ဂ်ယ္ တီခ်ယ္ ၏ မွတ္ခ်က္ ။    ။

Angel made an easy transition to our classroom. Angel is very expressive and artistic. Her writing is filled with excitement and feeling and her drawings powerfully illustrate components of her stories. It is a delightful blend. Angel is working on organization and adding other elements of author’s craft. Angel demonstrates strong reading comprehension in verbal conferences. She is developing skills for understanding questions and citing text evidence on written assessments. Angel is efficient with computational strategies in Math and is developing better interpretation with word problems. Angel is enthusiastic and inquisitive in our Social Studies and Science activities. As Angel is exposed to more instruction and experience with our style of assessments, she will better demonstrate her abilities. We have enjoyed Angel’s stories and her joyfulness!


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