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 From A Dong Super Market
Rice Stick $ 1.29 (For mote hin kar)

Rice stick noddle $ 1.29 ( For Shan noddle)

Soy chicken $ 4.96/lb

Roast Duck 1/2 $ 7.95 $ (ေရခဲေသတာထဲ ထည့္ထားလုိ႕ ဆီက ခဲေနတာပါ။)

morton salt $ 0.69 & Knorr chicken $ 3.89

chinese broccoli $ 1.95/lb

Fried pork skin $ 1.35 ( for Shan noddle)

BSQ Pork $ 7.50/lb

Agar Agar Powder $ 1.29 & Coconut milk $ 1.69 ( for Myanmar New Year Food)
Credit Photo : httpwww.yelp.combiz_photosX9CMfCnaAprN_mKSJnbFnQselect=FKL-TYltLCmlH3ia1FDbhQ



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